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    05 Apr 2017 Nufarm, Living the Passion for Safety with 5 Years No-Lost-Time Incidents
    Alsip, Illinois April 3, 2017 – January 25, 2017 may have seemed like any other day in Chicago Heights as Signal, Escalade 2, Credit Xtreme, Panther SC, Trooper P+D and more were running through the facility. However, on this day, Nufarm’s Chicago Heights team achieved a very exciting milestone. The day marked 5 years of continuous operation without a lost time injury.

    07 Feb 2017 Nufarm Announces New Seed Treatment Solutions
    Morrisville, NC – Nufarm Americas, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of new, innovative and proven seed treatment solutions to its product portfolio. Promoting strong root development and plant growth, leading to more consistent stands and better yields for a range of crops, the new products include three new Spirato seed treatments, Sativa IMF Sembolite MAX, and Salient 372 FS. With the addition of these products, Nufarm provides numerous options that fit individual grower’s needs.

    19 May 2014 Nufarm to Market Verdesian Life Sciences Product
    Cary, NC (May 19, 2014) -- Verdesian Life Sciences announces that Nufarm will be the exclusive marketer and seller of its Bloomtime® product in the United States and Canada, effective Jan. 1, 2015. Verdesian Life Sciences will continue to market Bloomtime for the remainder of this season.

    Bloomtime is a naturally-occurring biological that suppresses fire blight in apples and pears. It can be used on conventional and organic acres, is pollinator-friendly, and fits well into a fire blight resistance management program.

    “Verdesian is pleased with the partnership we’ve formed with Nufarm, and we are confident that our alliance will bring value to both companies,” said Greg Thompson, chief sales and marketing officer for Verdesian. “The agreement allows Verdesian to focus our efforts in growing our core markets in nutrition, plant health, seed treatment and inoculants, and on bringing our deep pipeline of new technologies to market.”

    “The addition of Bloomtime to our portfolio aligns perfectly with our focus on delivering a broad range of solutions and allows our customers access to this essential product to fight fire blight,” said Rob Schwehr, marketing manager – TNVV, Nufarm. “For the organic segment, Bloomtime, with its OMRI listing, complements Nufarm’s extensive portfolio of products for apple and pear growers, many of which are also OMRI-listed.”

    About Verdesian Life Sciences

    Founded in 2012, Verdesian Life Sciences offers patented biological, nutritional, seed treatment & inoculant technologies for high-value specialty crops, row crops and turf and ornamental markets. Our plant-health products, nutritional catalysts and seed treatments/inoculants help growers farm more efficiently to maximize yields. Verdesian’s technologies answer the needs facing agriculture including increasing pressures on food demand, supply and food safety. Verdesian remains committed to the research and development of environmentally sustainable products.

    08 Aug 2016 New Lab and Realignment Strengthen Nufarm’s Position to Serve Seed Treatment Market
    As part of its "One Nufarm" strategy, Nufarm is realigning resources to further enhance its exposure and focus on its broad seed treatment portfolio and capabilities in North America.