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26/36® The proprietary formulation of iprodione and thiophanate-methyl offers two modes of action and two plant movement strategies to increase length of disease control. As a tank-mix partner, it is compatible with most commonly used fungicides. Link to SDS/Label
3336® DG Lite 3336® DG Lite is formulated with patented granular dispersing technology. Mixed with water, the particles quickly disperse enabling easier and more consistent application as well as better penetration into the plant root zone. Link to SDS/Label
3336® EG 3336® EG fungicide delivers unparalleled control in a revolutionary formulation. 3336 EG combines the power of thiophanate-methyl with the convenience of an extruded granular formulation for control of troublesome plant diseases such as Rhizoctonia. A low-dust extruded granule with quick-dissolve properties, 3336 EG extends many benefits to the user including easy measuring and easy mixing. Most importantly, 3336 EG allows for spray program customization based on individual coverage and disease control needs. Take control with 3336 EG. Link to SDS/Label
3336® F 3336® F fungicide sets the standard in thiophanate-methyl formulation in today’s ornamental settings offering powerful control in a flowable formula. Link to SDS/Label
Adorn® With a novel mode of action, Adorn® is an excellent addition to fungicide rotations and plays a key role in resistance management programs to defeat downy mildew, Phytophthora, and Pythium. Link to SDS/Label
Affirm™ WDG Affirm™ WDG is a concentrated, easy-to-mix water dispersible granule formulation that delivers excellent disease control. Link to SDS/Label
Agri-Mycin 50 Agri-Mycin is a protectant bactericide designed to combat difficult diseases such as fire blight in apples, pears, tomatoes, peppers, celery and tobacco. Link to SDS/Label
Alude™ A systemic fungicide, Alude™ provides effective control of various plant diseases including black spot, scab and downy mildew. Alude is a proven performer against Phytophthora and Pythium associated with stem and canker blight. Plus, Alude offers multiple application method options and is tank-mix compatible with many pesticides. Link to SDS/Label
BroadStar™ BroadStar™ is the best pre-emergence granular herbicide because it controls tough broadleaf and grassy weeds with the longest residual performance. Link to SDS/Label
Cuproxat® Cuproxat® premium copper fungicide from Nufarm is engineered with proprietary chemistry to deliver uniform, sub-micron particles – 80 percent of particles are less than 1 micron. The smaller particle size delivers better plant coverage, which means better protection against fungal and bacterial diseases. Link to SDS/Label
DiPel® PRO DF Widely used, DiPel® PRO DF delivers outstanding worm control while being friendly to workers, the environment, and beneficial insects. Link to SDS/Label
Diquat SPC 2L Nufarm Diquat SPC 2L herbicide provides non-selective control of aquatic weeds on contact. It spreads through the water for broad-spectrum control and is completely inactivated on contact with soil. Link to SDS/Label
Distance® IGR For long-term results, an insect control program should do more than attack the adults—it should break the life cycle. Distance IGR controls whiteflies, fungus gnats, scales and other insects by preventing eggs, larvae and pupae from maturing into adults. Its unique, targeted mode of action makes Distance Insect Growth Regulator a natural for integrated pest management (IPM) or insect resistance management (IRM) programs. Link to SDS/Label
Emblem Through all stages of production, Emblem™ is the go-to product for foliar, stem and root diseases providing defense
and control with low use rates and an easy-to-use liquid formulation. This versatile fungicide demands the number
one spot in the rotation for disease management.
Link to SDS/Label
Envoy Plus® Envoy Plus® is the most effective post-emergence grass control herbicide. It provides over-the-top control of both annual and perennial grasses with excellent plant safety. Link to SDS/Label
Fascination® Fascination® is an effective tool for more presentable, more marketable Easter and LA hybrid lilies, poinsettias and other ornamentals. Link to SDS/Label
Gnatrol® Gnatrol® offers highly selective, effective control of fungus gnat larvae, especially for those growers concerned with worker safety, the environment and resistance management. Link to SDS/Label
Mallet 2F T&O Mallet 2F T&O Insecticide is a liquid concentrate containing imidacloprid for the control of insect pests in nearly all residential and commercial settings. Mallet 2F is a neonicotinoid insecticide with long-lasting, residual control with proven performance on key pests such as white grubs, weevils and cutworms in turf plus aphids, mealybugs, leafminers and thrips in ornamentals. Link to SDS/Label
Minx 2 Minx™ 2 Insecticide delivers quick and easy broad-spectrum mite and leafminer control in a new low volatile organic compound (VOC), water-based formula. It also works to suppress aphids, whiteflies and thrips. Compared to many other abamectin products, Minx 2 offers added application flexibility and applicator comfort. Link to SDS/Label
Nufarm Chlormequat SPC Nufarm Chlormequat SPC Plant Growth Regulator helps produce more compact ornamentals with enhanced leaf coloration and stronger stems. Plants treated with Nufarm Chlormequat SPC not only have better aesthetic properties, but also are better able to withstand the stress of shipping and handling. Chlormequat has long been a standard plant growth regulator for growers of bedding and woody ornamentals. Nufarm Chlormequat SPC is both easy to use and effective, delivering all the performance chlormequat users have become accustomed to. Link to SDS/Label
Nufarm Chlorpyrifos SPC 4 Experience consistent, proven control of more than 200 destructive pests with just one product - Nufarm Chlorpyrifos SPC 4 Insecticide. From golf course turf to nursery stock, Nufarm Chlorpyrifos SPC 4 offers highly effective, long-lasting residual control. Between its performance and its economical price, its value is second to none. Chlorpyrifos E-Pro 4 Insecticide is a Restricted Use Pesticide. Link to SDS/Label
Nufarm Diquat SPC 2L Nufarm Diquat SPC 2L Herbicide offers fast, non-selective control of aquatic weeds. It spreads quickly through the water to provide broad-spectrum control of floating, submersed and marginal weeds. Plus, with Nufarm Diquat SPC 2L Herbicide, there's no concern with groundwater contamination or toxicity to fish, other organisms or wildlife. Link to SDS/Label
Nufarm Double O SPC Nufarm Double O SPC Herbicide comes in a low-odor and low-dust granular formulation that offers the same level of high-quality control you have come to expect from oxyfluorfen and oryzalin. Just one application of this convenient, effective herbicide keeps ornamentals - whether in the nursery or in the landscape - free from a broad range of weeds for up to three months. Link to SDS/Label
Overture® Due to its novel chemistry, Overture® provides outstanding control of immature adult thrips, even those that are considered tolerant or resistant to other insecticides. Plus, Overture is soft on beneficial insects. Link to SDS/Label
ProDeuce ProDeuce is a dual action herbicide that combines the pre-emergent, residual activity of prodiamine, with the non-selective, contact control of glyphosate. ProDeuce is intended for landscape and grounds managers, as well as lawn care operators to help alleviate multiple chemical and mechanical weeding applications throughout the growing season. Customers using ProDeuce save time and labor, while benefiting from reduced damage to plant material and fewer hard scrapes caused by mechanical trimmers. Link to SDS/Label
Protect DF Protect™ DF provides excellent control of a variety of important plant diseases. With high fungicidal activity, it can be used as a preventive measure at lower labeled rates or as a curative at higher labeled rates if diseases are already established. Link to SDS/Label
Razor Razor non-selective post-emergent herbicide is specially formulated for use in most types of applications, including industrial, forestry, turf, vegetation management and ornamental areas. Razor is a water-soluble liquid 4-pound glyphosate explicitly formulated for specialty applications or broad spectrum control of hard-to-kill weeds. Link to SDS/Label
Razor Burn Razor Burn is a post-emergent, systemic herbicide that is generally non-selective and gives broad spectrum control of many annual weeds, perennial weeds, woody brush and trees. Razor Burn is a great product for situations where mechanical efforts are not suitable or other herbicides don't provide the speedy visual results. Controls weeds quickly and easily in ornamentals, bed maintenance, crack and crevice treatments, brush and vine clearing and perimeter treatments. Link to SDS/Label
Razor Pro Razor Pro provides broad spectrum post-emergent weed control for industrial sites, forestry, turf, vegetation management and ornamental areas. Razor Pro, a surfactant loaded liquid 4-pound glyphosate that eliminates the need for additional surfactant, is rainfast within two hours of application. Link to SDS/Label
RiteWay RiteWay increases lateral branching and promotes flowering on several ornamental crops to help improve crop marketability and maximize profits.
RiteWay contains 1.9 percent 6-BA. The excellent formulation is easy to mix and apply. RiteWay helps ornamental growers get the maximum value out of their plants.
Link to SDS/Label
Safari® Safari® 20 SG is a super-systemic insecticide that quickly knocks down a broad spectrum of ornamental pests with long-lasting control. Link to SDS/Label
Spectro® 90 WDG Spectro 90 WDG is a combination of two broad-spectrum fungicides – 3336® and Legend™. Both components have contact and systemic properties that prevent and control disease in annual and perennial flowers, as well as bedding plants, groundcovers and trees and shrubs. Link to SDS/Label
Spirato® GHN Through all stages of production, Spirato® GHN is a go-to product for foliar, stem and root diseases providing defense and control with low use rates and an easy-to-use liquid formulation. This versatile fungicide demands the number one spot in the rotation for disease management. Link to SDS/Label
Spotrete F Spotrete™ F protects nursery stock, shrubs, ornamentals, non-bearing orchards and vines such as grape vines from rabbit, deer and rodent depredation. One application will protect treated parts from 1 to 3 months depending upon weather conditions. Link to SDS/Label
Strider™ Strider™ is a high quality, water-based fungicide formulation with both preventive and curative modes of action. Link to SDS/Label
Sumagic® Consistent and reliable, Sumagic® delivers more marketable, attractive and compact ornamentals with an increased shelf life. Link to SDS/Label
SureGuard SC New from Nufarm, liquid SureGuard® SC provides an exceptional value that allows you to offer more and make more – a perfect solution for your customers. SureGuard SC delivers the same long lasting residual control of grass and broadleaf weeds that you’ve come to expect from SureGuard in a new convenient liquid formulation. Also, SureGuard SC enhances the speed and spectrum of glyphosate when used as a tank mix partner, even on glyphosate resistant weeds. Link to SDS/Label
SureGuard® SureGuard® is the best pre-emergence sprayable herbicide because it controls a broad spectrum of tough broadleaf and grassy weeds with the longest residual activity available. Link to SDS/Label
Tame® Broad spectrum Tame® Insecticide can be used in commercial lathhouses, shadehouses and greenhouses, as well as outdoors. Tame can now put California nurserymen out of their misery by controlling the feared glassy-winged sharpshooter, controlling adults within one hour and eggs when they hatch. It’s gentle on delicate ornamentals, and it’s deadly also to whitefly, aphid, scale and mites. Tame can be used on most ornamentals without fear of phytotoxicity. Link to SDS/Label
TetraSan® With excellent translaminar movement, TetraSan® 5 WDG affects spider mites at all life stages without harming most beneficial insects. TetraSan controls spider mites on the underside of leaves, even when it’s difficult to get good under-leaf spray coverage and its unique mode of action offers residual control up to five weeks. Link to SDS/Label
Torque™ Torque provides long-lasting curative and preventative control against tough ornamental diseases such as scabs, phomopsis, mildews and rusts. Link to SDS/Label
Tourney® Tourney controls a broad spectrum of diseases affecting outdoor woody ornamental plants in turf, nursery and landscape settings, including powdery mildew, apple scab, rusts, leaf spots, anthracnose and Rhizoctonia root and crown rot—all with just one product. A very active fungicide even at low use rates, Tourney is an important tool for preventive disease control programs. There's no need to purchase and apply multiple fungicides when Tourney can do the job alone, saving you time and money in the process. Link to SDS/Label
TriStar® 8.5 SL TriStar® 8.5 SL insecticide is an odorless, water-based formulation that mixes easily and works with contact, systemic and translaminar activity to protect valuable plants. Plus, TriStar 8.5 SL is EPA classified as a reduced risk insecticide, is compatible with many fungicides and miticides, and can be used as an effective resistance management tool. Link to SDS/Label