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Dri-Clean® Herbicide - Nufarm US

Dri-Clean® Herbicide

Dri-Clean is a low volatile dry formulation of 2,4-D amine salt that can be used in grape vineyards, apple and pear orchards, stone fruit, nut orchards, non-cropland grass areas and citrus. This convenient formulation is nearly twice as active as liquid 2,4-D formulations and, packaged in an easy to handle water soluble bag, requires virtually no container disposal. Dri-Clean provides effective weed control within a few days and mixes well with glyphosate products to increase the spectrum of control.

Link to SDS and Label

Major Crop/Use**

  • Grapes, apples, pears
  • Stone fruit
  • Nuts
  • Non-crop grass areas


  • 6x8x9 ounce case
  • 8x45 ounce case


  • 2,4-D DMA 96.9%

**Consult label for additional crop and rate information