Adjuvants - Nufarm Malaysia


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Activator is a superior adjuvant specially formulated to maximize performance of Glyphosate or its mixtures. Activator is a 90% concentrate containing a unique blend of highly active penentrants to break through the natural barriers that can affect herbicide performance. Activator provides immediate penetration and translocation into the weeds within an hour of application.
Bond is a true sticker, extender providing the superior sticking abilities and extending the life of your agricultural chemicals. Bond help to regulate droplet size, reduce drift and allowing a uniform spray pattern. Bond improves rainfastness and highly recommended for Insecticide, Fungicide and Biological Insecticides.
Liase is a special adjuvant specially formulated to be used to enhance the performance of Glyphosate and its mixtures. Liase helps in minimizing the antagonistic effect of some minerals (Ca, Mg, Fe Etc)in water and mixing partners to glyphosate. In addition, Liase improves the uptake of Glyphosate and speeds up the scorching effect of glyphosate and its mixtures.
Nupol WA
An effective and economical non-ionic surfactant for use in all agrochemicals sprays – Herbicides, Insecticides, Fungicides, miticides and foliar fertilizers.
Nufarm Tree Dressing
Nufarm Tree Dressing is a specially formulated asphalt based dressing for the treatment of tree wounds. Application of Nufarm Tree Dressing will form a protective coating over the exposed wounds and cuts which will prevent insect and fungus infection. Nufarm Tree Dressing also assists in the healing of wounds and also can be used to control Pink disease in durian, rubber and cocoa.