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Spraymate ACTIVATOR is a superior adjuvant specially formulated to maximize performance of glyphosate or its mixtures. ACTIVATOR is a 90% concentrate containinig a unique blend of highly active penetrants to break through the natural barriers that can effect herbicide performance.

Try our ACTIVATOR to experience outstanding RESULTS in the field!

Professionally Researched

Extensive trials undertaken by a leading Australian government research facility, have confirmed that ACTIVATOR offers superior performance, greatly improving the absorption of pesticides into the leaf and assisting in the penetration of the product through the waxy cuticle of the target plant.Malaysian field trials have confirmed these results.

Cost Effective

Glyphosate requires 6 hours of rain-free period after application to ensure good results. Rain washout of glyphosate 1-6 hours after sprays can be very costly. Not only the herbicide is wasted, the labour cost is lost as well. ACIVATOR provides immediate penetration and translocation into weeds, within an hour of application. ACTIVATOR is cost effective when used with glyphosate or its mixtures.

CDA (25 L / ha)
15ml / 10L
RM 0.84
RM 0.28
VLV (50 L / ha)
16ml / 16 L
RM 1.13
RM 0.37
LV (150 L / ha)
16ml / 16 L
RM 3.38
RM 1.12
LV (225 L / ha)
16ml / 16 L
RM 5.06
RM 1.67
CKS(450 L / ha)
16ml / 16 L
RM 10.13
RM 3.34

Low Foaming

ACTIVATOR containts a low-foaming additive. This reduces the problems associated with foam and makes ACTIVATOR the ideal adjvants for use in ULV / CDA, knapsack and tractor mounted boon sprayers.


ACTIVATOR is a low volatile, non-flammable product that is safe in crops and not hazardous to the enviroment.

Improved Rainfastness

Research with wetting agents in conjunction with glyphosate also showns that ACTIVATOR outperfomed all other adjuvants tested in reducing glyphosate's susceptibility to rainfall.