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Total weed control - Nufarm Ireland

Total weed control products from Nufarm

Nufarm have a number of products giving total weed control. These are non-selective herbicides. This means that unless specified on the label they kill or damage all plants and should not be sprayed or allowed to drift onto any other crops or plants which you do not want to kill.

These are products for use by professionals. It is against the law for non-professionals to apply these products.

Clinic Ace

Clinic Ace is a top quality 360g/litre glyphosate product. Clinic Ace has its own adjuvant system making it an excellent 'all-round tool' in most situations. Clinic Ace must not be used for home and garden.

Click the Clinic Ace link on the left for more information.

Credit- glyphosate formulated with DST (Dual Salt Technology)

This product combines the advantages of Nufarm's patented Dual salt technology with the ability of the user to choose the best adjuvant for a certain job. A water conditioner may be required in hard water areas. The specialist knowledge of your agronomist will advise on the best adjuvant to use.

Rattler- glyphosate formulated with AST (Advanced Salt Technology)

Rattler is a new high performance glyphosate product for Ireland based on Nufarm's patented advanced salt technology. For more information about AST click the tab on the left.