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Nufarm grassland products - Nufarm Ireland

Grassland products from Nufarm

Established, seed or rotational grassland products


Area of use

Weeds/ situation

Agritox, MCPA Amine 500 or Easel

Established grassland and seed crop
(Clover checked or damaged but may recover)

Cost-effective solution for Thistles and Buttercups. Useful as part of a programme to control Soft rush. Kills or checks many other perennial weeds (Agritox)

Broad spectrum control in newly sown Ryegrass (MCPA Amine 500 or Easel)

High Load Mircam
(mecoprop-P + dicamba)

Established and rotational grassland (Kills clover)
Broad spectrum product especially useful for seedling Docks. Will control a wide range of other perennial grassland weeds
(MCPA + 2,4-D)

Established grassland (Clover severely checked)
Developed for Ragwort control but will kill or check many other perennial weeds too
D50 or Depitox

Established agricultural grassland (Kills clover)
Especially good for patches of weed such as Nettles and Thistles. Apply by knapsack or tractor sprayer
Mircam Super
(mecoprop-P + MCPA + dicamba)

Established grassland and seed crop (Kills clover)
Broad spectrum control in grassland including some important perennial weeds. Can be used as part of a programme to control Ragwort
(2,4-D + dicamba)

Established agricultural grassland (Kills clover)
Best Ragwort product in the Nufarm range especially in combination with Nufarm Cropoil. A number of other weeds controlled or checked
(2,4-DB + MCPA)

Established agricultural grassland, newly sown leys and direct re-seeds (Not to be used on established clovers or on Lucerne)
New clover safe product from Nufarm. Will control a broad spectrum of broad leaved and perennial weeds which appear in grassland areas

Amenity grassland or amenity turf products


Area of use

Weeds/ situation

Duplosan KV or Compitox Plus

Amenity grassland
Useful tool for control of adult Docks and Buttercups and suppression of these weeds as seedlings
D50 or Depitox

Amenity grassland and amenity turf
Provides good control of Buttercups
Mircam Super or T2 Green
(mecoprop-P + MCPA + dicamba)

Amenity turf
Controls a broad range of weeds
(2,4-D and dicamba)

Amenity grassland
A number of weeds controlled or checked

Grassland destruction products

Clinic Ace, Credit or Rattler (glyphosate) can be used for the destruction of grassland.

Always read the label: use pesticides safely