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Glyphosate - Nufarm's patented advanced salt technology glyphosate formulations

Advanced salt technology is unique glyphosate technology from Nufarm giving superior performance. In addition, this technology allows the manufacture of more concentrated products, reducing the amount of packaging by up to 33%. This technology is patented by Nufarm and is only available from Nufarm.

How does AST work?

To make glyphosate soluble in water, a salt must be attached to the glyphosate molecule. Advanced salt technology combines two salts with the glyphosate molecule. The potassium salt allows much higher loading of glyphosate in the formulation. The isopropylamine salt is the most commonly used salt in glyphosate formulations with a proven track record. This mixture is patented as it has been found that two separate salts have a synergistic affect giving a better performance than either of the two salts alone.

Advanced salt synergy

The graph below shows the benefit of having two salts. Advanced salt technology containing both the potassium salts and the isopropylamine salts gives improved control of oilseed rape over either of the two salts alone. The rate of glyphosate chosen was a low rate to to tease out the differences between treatments.
All glyphosate products containing AST technology will carry the AST logo. AST products are only available from selected distributors.