Joules - Nufarm Ireland

Joules- A robust disease resistance management tool for Septoria

The graph on the left shows the yield results from two trials which were carried out in Ireland. When a full rate of Joules was applied in a high Septoria situation it actually yielded as well as epoxiconazole even at full rate. Epoxiconazole is one of the best triazole actives against Septoria. Nufarm do not recommend using Joules alone but these trials demonstrate the value of chlorothalonil in any fungicide programme

Septoria is a constant threat to yield in Ireland and 2012 was one of the worst years ever. Whilst new SDHI fungicides are now available in Ireland, never forget the old technology. Joules contains chlorothalonil, a multi-site acting fungicide which after many years of use is still performing very well with no resistance problems. There is growing evidence of a reduction of sensitivity of Septoria to triazole fungicides