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Clinic Ace in stubbles - Nufarm Ireland

Clinic Ace in stubbles

Volunteer Oilseed rape

Clinic Ace can be used up to 1.5 l/ha for the control of Volunteer Oilseed Rape. The use of an adjuvant is recommended. This rate is adequate for most annual broadleaved weeds and volunteer cereals but can be borderline for effective control of Volunteer Oilseed Rape. If perennial grass or broadleaved weeds are present the higher dose rate of 3.0 or 4.0 l/ha will also give good control of Volunteer OSR.

Volunteer Potatoes in stubbles

Autumn stubbles are a good time to control V potatoes. Ideally marble sized tubers should have developed for best control. There should be a reasonable amount of top growth. Clinic Ace should be applied at 4.0 l/ha whilst the soil and and weather conditions are still relatively warm. There are a numbered of tank-mixes available for control of Volunteer potatoes in set aside.

Couch and other perennial grasses

The picture on the left is Couch in a stubble. For effective control Couch must be 10 cm high and new stolon growth must have begun

The best control of perennial grassweeds is achieved when heads are coming into flower. Clinic Ace is still very effective if the size criteria are met as specified above. Clinic Ace can be used form 3.0-4.0 l/ha depending on the level of infestation.

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