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Research & Development - Nufarm Europe

Research & Development

Nufarm is the leader in the off-patent active ingredient market and offers branded innovative solutions to European farmers and end-users.

Our EU chemistry platform offers excellence and expertise which is quite unique and pro-active, providing local fast solutions and services to our customers.

All our EU R&D activities and chemical experts consisting of:
  • our EU formulation development team,
  • our EU GLP analytical team,
  • our EU scale-up and manufacturing teams,
  • our agronomists as part of trials development team,
are focused on simplifying farming by providing the fastest and most cost-effective solutions designed for their needs, through innovative formulations and new technologies.

New products like Kyleo® a new broad spectrum herbicide for stubbles and pre-sowing in various crops, Cyclops® a new selective herbicide for cereals, Nagano® a new selective herbicide for maize, Timpani® a new fungicide for cereals, KaisoSorbie® a new patented technology for a quick-release insecticidal formulation and Nuprid 600 FS® a new insecticide for seed treatment are just registered or will be available soon to provide efficient, cost-effective and add-on values solutions to farmers and distributors.

Each year Nufarm invests more than 6 % of Sales to support the development of new generations of solutions to the crop and non-crop protection markets.

Nufarm Portfolio Management in Europe - We simplify farming.