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Production sites - Nufarm Europe

Production sites


The Wyke site, which was established in 1877 as a Picric Acid manufacturer, is now owned by Nufarm and is a manufacturer of Phenoxy herbicides, Glyphosate, intermediates and inhibitors. The site employs over 300 people and is the largest flexible phenoxy production unit in the world.

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Phone: +44 1274 6911234


The plant is located in Normandy, 100 km west of Paris, close to the Seine River since 1951. The site was purchased by Nufarm in 1996. Activities are the synthesis, formulation and packaging of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and insecticides to protect plants and crops. Around 70 people are employed. The site is classified Seveso II.

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Phone: +33 2 32 64 74 00

Framchem (Mohamed Abdallah)

Framchem's factory is located in a Private Free Zone on 10 Acres at the 26th Kilometer of the Cairo/Alexandria desert highway. It operates under the direct attention of the GAFI (Investment Authority) and customs officers who are located at the factory.
Modern laboratory facilities include gas and liquid chromatography for active ingredients assay, automatic Potentiometer, high-precision scales and other equipment used for physical testing of the products.



The plant is located on a exceptional highly developed multi-site and was purchased by Nufarm in 1996 and employs approx. 65 people. Distance from Rotterdam is 20 km. Chlorine is the common factor between the company owners on site. Nufarm receives chlorine by pipeline from Akzo Nobel. Plant effluent water is disposed to a biological treatment plant owned by a third party. Botlek has been producing crop protection chemicals since 1965. After rebuilding the plant in 1976 the process has been changed from batch to a continuous process. The plant is able to produce several types of phenoxy herbicides. From 2005 onward, the plant was predominantly set up and optimized for MCPA production. Skilled personnel with a long-term commitment provide a high standard of operational training, maintain a high level of focus of QHSE and we are committed to safely producing a quality product to meet customer needs. The company operates a fully integrated Health, Safety and Environmental Management System and is OHSAS 18001 certified.

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Phone: +31 10 438 9800


The plant in Linz has evolved into Nufarm´s third largest production site worldwide. Synthesis, formulation and filling systems are state of the art. The new logistics warehouse, its 6,300 pallet locations, and cutting-edge safety technology help ensure a continuous production process. Furthermore, the logistics for Central and Eastern European countries can now be processed more efficiently and faster. Annually there will be invested € 4 million in environmental protection, safety measures, and in the optimization of processes.

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Phone: +43 732 6918 2122