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Our Engagement

Every two years, Nufarm administers a global survey of employees across the business. The last results indicated strong engagement and a higher level of job satisfaction than in a similar survey undertaken two years earlier. That improvement was reflected across our global businesses and various job functions and is particularly strong among employees who were directly involved in business improvement and efficiency initiatives undertaken during the previous year.

The survey is translated into all applicable languages to enable participation from every employee. The survey consists of a set of standard questions for all employees, but also nationally includes specific open questions. Each region is encouraged to develop specific and relevant questions in order to capture rich data that is applicable to the locality and is reflective of its issues, challenges and cultural diversity. This allows Nufarm to interpret findings and outcomes that are applicable globally but also understand perspectives at regional and local levels. The aim is to continuously improve our working environment and the satisfaction of our employees. An area of focus to come out of the last global survey was around reward and recognition.

In response, Nufarm has established two global awards: innovation and sales.