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Trial results - Avadex Triflurx

Trial results

Fully replicated trials have been operated over the past couple of seasons by the Nufarm R&D team at various sites in southern NSW, South Australia and Victoria. Replicated trial data was also contracted via Agritech Crop Services, Peracto, Kalyx and Plant Science Consulting.

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2010 trial results released

Results for the 2010 Avadex Xtra and TriflurX trial work is now available:
  • Results continue to impress with TriflurX and Avadex Xtra in no-till systems
  • 2.0L/ha Avadex Xtra plus 2.0L/ha TriflurX tank mixes provide consistent and reliable results
  • Excellent results with control of annual ryegrass, brome grass and wild oats
  • There are currently no known populations of ARG resistant to Avadex Xtra (Group J)
  • Further work is continuing with Avadex Xtra in no-till situations

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Other research reports

Independent research trials conducted by Peter Boutsalis from Plant Science Consulting, and the University of Adelaide from 2007 to 2009 investigated the sensitivity of 20 annual ryegrass biotypes from across four states to Avadex Xtra.
A summary of the results can be found here.

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