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Testimonials & video - Avadex Triflurx

Talking Avadex Xtra and TriflurX - what the Xperts think

We have been out and about, talking with farmers, consultants, distribution and others about their
experiences with Avadex Xtra and TriflurX.

Our R&D and Sales team guys have also been traipsing trial sites and the paddock, giving us
their take on what they're seeing on the ground.

John Both
Nufarm R&D Officer - Adelaide, SA

John Both, Nufarm's R&D Officer, talks about a 2011 trial which looks into the efficacy of a range of pre-emergent herbicides at Nufarm's trial site at Pinnaroo.

A copy of the trial details are available
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Phil Watkins
IK Caldwell - Shepparton, Victoria

Phil is an experienced agronomist working in northern Victorian. He has recently seen Avadex Xtra at work in customers' paddocks.
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Mark Slatter
Nufarm R&D Officer - Horsham, Victoria

Mark discusses the results of Nufarm's 2010 trial work during a field day at Swan Hill, northern Victoria.
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