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How they work - Avadex Triflurx

How do Avadex Xtra & TriflurX work together?

When both herbicides are incorporated and come into contact with moisture, they become a gaseous vapour. This vapour fills the pore spaces in the soil and is absorbed by the coleoptiles (shoots) (Avadex Xtra) and roots (TriflurX) inhibiting growth of germinating weeds. Roots appear thicker than normal and almost club-like as lateral root development is reduced.

Therefore it is more important to place the Avadex Xtra and TriflurX mix in close proximity to the weed seed and its root zone.

It is important to recognise that TriflurX does not stop weed germination, but affects the weeds immediately after germination. Weeds that fully emerge typically survive a TriflurX application, although in some cases further weed control can occur following weed emergence.

By combining the products, their different points of uptake and complimentary modes of action widens the weed control spectrum and provides improves efficacy for annual ryegrass and wild oat weed control.

The length of residual activity will depend upon moisture (drier soil means longer residual life), initial rate applied, soil temperature (cooler soil extends residual life) and soil type (more persistence with higher organic matter). However, moisture is the most important consideration in winter cropping.

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